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The weirdest post I've ever made

14 March 2007

This is quite certainly the weirdest post I’ve ever made, but it seems worth expressing.

For some reason, unknown to me, I have secured the reputation of a man who has sought and successfully seduced countless women who have crossed my 41 year path. I have not the faintest idea where this reputation comes from, but it’s fair to say I have been accosted with this accusation for some years.

So for the record I decided to work it out (and here comes the weird bit). I have slept with twenty-one women. In forty-one years.

The interesting aspect of this exercise was discovering that I remain friends, indeed some of my very best friends, with sixteen of these women. Of the five women I am no longer in contact with, one lives in Romania and one has very sadly died.

This is not, I suggest, the record of a man intent on casual encounters as he journeys through his life.

So the question arises: where does this reputation come from? What makes people think my behaviour is so radically different from the truth? I have no idea. Life is full of these marvellous mysteries.

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